Another Soundscape    Brandon Strader
bustatunez  David Wise
Diggi Dis  Diotrans
djpretzel  Fishy
Geoffrey Taucer  Grant Kirkhope
Hale-Bopp  Hemophiliac
Joren de Bruin  José the Bronx Rican
Joshua Morse  M.J. Ault
Mazedude  Nekofrog
Nicole Adams  Nutritious
OA  Palpable
Patrick Burns  Prince of Darkness
Robin Beanland  Ross Kmet
Sixto  Skrypnyk
Sole Signal  Starla
tepid  virt
Zoola  zykO

Geoffery Taucer    Wesley Cho

The Maverickk   
Emunator    OA


José the Bronx Rican   

Geoffery Taucer:
I want to give special thanks to all the project participants for meeting and exceeding the highest expectations I dared to set. I want to thank Wes for helping me run this thing (and especially for carrying the project through the home stretch when my computer died). I want to thank my students at the gym for being a constant source of inspiration. And, of course, I want to thank Mr. Wise for his participation and for writing such a brilliant soundtrack in the first place.

Wesley Cho:
I'd like to extend a special thanks to the Serious Monkey Business contributors & their significant others, especially djpretzel for his 10 years of hard work on OCR & Geoffrey Taucer for enlisting my help with this endeavor, Sera Chung, Andrew & Jillian Aversa, & Ryan Thompson for helping me through tough times that arose during the creation of this album, Jordan & Jade Aguirre for their supportive friendship in the past year, and all who enjoy this 2 1/2 year effort!

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